“Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph. — Matt Hardy.”

Photography is my passion! I live for interacting with people and experimenting with light, color, scales, and balance. Whether it be behind the camera or the endless possibilities of digital editing, I am constantly working behind the scenes to expand my artistic experiences. I find that what I do is not just my career, it is a huge release for my creative brain. It starts by capturing an object, a person, or moment with my eye and then the photographic process begins. I get to enjoy every single step of this process. It is amazing to express and imprint in every image what I see and what I feel, which is what makes the experience of working with me unique. I use memories of my own experiences to create the effect necessary to bring and Image to life.

Product Photography

My unique skill set for product photography comes with years of extensive experience with lighting, stage design, various products, and the use of appropriate equipment in front of the camera. As a product photographer, I take the ordinary objects that my client gives me, and I create art. From house hold appliances, bathroom accessories, fashion, and jewelry, to organic matter or industrial supplies, each product requires a specific energy flow within an image to sell. I know how certain materials behave from decades of daily interactions with different surfaces and material reflections. I take these products and place them in front of a natural landscape, designed stage, architectural wallpaper, or on a white clean background, to meet all your print or e-commerce needs.

Portrait Photography

It can often be frustrating trying to capture your unique personality, with the right lighting, and at the perfect angle by taking countless selfies. Let me put an end to your frustration by capturing your professional portrait! In today’s digital world of social media and accessing information on the web instantly, it is critical to have a recent portrait or headshot for your profile. Whether you’re looking to update your LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, or company website, it is important to have your headshot professionally taken. A professional portrait has endless digital possibilities but can also be used for resumes, job applications, and business cards as well. Headshots are not limited to the corporate world. The majority of professions benefit from putting a face to a name. Artists, models, influencers, and all entertainers who are looking for something different, I would love the opportunity to collaborate and create experimental conceptual portraits. Please get in touch to further discuss options designed just for you!

Wedding Photography

Photography is my life's passion, and a large component of that is the feeling of shooting weddings. After decades of working in the industry I am proud of the versatile and unique style I have created when capturing weddings. My approach is organic and contemporary, yet familiar. Even after more than 20 years, I still feel excited and honored to be invited to share in, and capture, the special moment that is a couple’s wedding. I enjoy telling a couple’s love story. Whether it be an engagement session or the story of your wedding day as it unfolds, it is important for me to capture the love between a couple through creative images. I do this by building off of and capturing each person’s unique personality, and that of family and friends. My hope is that when you flip through the pages of your album over the years, you are brought back to all the energy and every emotion felt on your wedding day. This is your special day, your special story! It is a time when the world stands still, all the focus is on you, and I have the privilege of capturing those intimate moments. Part of the photographic process with weddings involves getting to know and collaborating with the couple to help me create exactly what you are looking for. Please reach out to get an appointment set up, as I would love the opportunity to further discuss options designed just for you.

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