From Yelp


Carlos photographed my daughter's wedding four years ago. I have regretted ever since not writing a Yelp review. We were stunned by the his work. We have one picture from the wedding that may be the best photo from a wedding that I have ever seen. It was a spontaneous shot. Apparently, Carlos found an elevated location from which to shoot a photo of the bride and groom dancing -- her skirt flowing around her and perfectly framing the couple. Dazzling. While Carlos is exceptional in capturing the traditional family and bridal party photos, The sign a happy client is whether that client seeks you out again. When my younger daughter was engaged, we immediately thought of Carlos. Our second daughter was married at Café Brauer and Carlos was her photographer. Once again, the results were stunning.

Overall impression: A talented photographer who captures the essence of your wedding. He is especially skilled at capturing spontaneous moments and bringing them to life. A pleasure to work with, his low key demeanor keeps bride and family calm and relaxed. Outstanding!